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, john meacham, author of "thomas jefferson: the art of power" and jane mayer of "the new yorker." we have been told that broadwell has been cleared, but yet as we sit here, the fbi is completing a search of her house. why would they be searching her house if they have already concluded there is nothing criminal here? >> well, petraeus is cleared as well. i mean, there are many strange aspects of this investigation. and lots still to know. but i have to say, one of the things that i think is really troubling is why this investigation ever became what it is. why did it even take off. why is it public? apparently there have been several reports have come out late today, saying that the squalled threatening e-mails that were sent, it turns out from paula broadwell were not terribly threatening in the first place. they were kind of in the order of sassing this other woman jill kelly and basically telling her to back off a little. but the fbi in tampa that first looked at it, they were really not sure they wanted to get into this thing, because the federal bureau of investigation, snooping
, john meacham. meacham takes thomas jefferson off his pedestal and presents him as the politician that he was, artful, ruthless, manipulative. it describes him as a politician, not a saint. and our last look. judging by the buying spree on black friday, i think it's fair to say the u.s. economy is moving forward. but the eurozone is officially in a double dip recession and, therefore, is a victim of falling tax revenues. so governments need to find new sources of revenue. what to do? sell stuff. in italy, they were selling everything but the church. now they are selling the church, sort of. for about $125,000, you can have your name engraved on one of the 135 splendid spires of milan's cathedral. if you've had your eye on that beach house or this home in barcelona, $200,000 or more to buy in the country, residency will come gratis. the plan is for citizenship and an eu passport to be given to anyone who buys hungarian bonds worth $325,000 or more. an eu passport. they are putting black friday to shame. the correct answer to our gps challenge question is d, hamas stands for the isl
president in the second term than i was in the first. >> john meacham is a pulitzer prize winning historian. he wrote about the prospects of president obama's second term. he's author of a new book "thomas jefferson, the art of power." good morning. first of all, why do presidents stumble so badly in second terms? >> absolutely, it's because, i think the president's clock now moves towards history. everybody else in washington's clock is moving towards the next election. and so his interests and their interests begin to divide as every day passes which is why it's so important to get things done early. >> the president even acknowledged all of this in his first press conference. he recognizes the curse of second term presidents. >> people who try to domestic big things first. and i think the president has a big chance here with the fiscal cliff and a possible deal and other successful presidents use the last two years typically to try to do something big in foreign policy. where they have a lot more unilateral movement. ronald reagan made his progress with
: a look at where america is and where it's going. joining me, tom friedman, david brooks, tom brokaw, john meacham and amy gutman. >> i'm take within amy's comment that we've been campaigning in fiction and i would say extremely short fiction. it's been small and short. and so i guess the first thing i would do isi'd say you've got to draw a line between what we've been through and what we're about to go through. you have to make a clear statement that the election is past, i'm going to talk in a very different way, i'm going to talk in a much bigger way, i'm going to say we have three big problems, we have the debt problem, we have a growth problem, we have an inequality problem. they cross cut against each other and we're going to face this cliff pretty soon and so i'm going to do -- either what i didn't do or what president obama didn't do in the last four years, i'm going to lay out a plan. here it is, some people in my party won't beapp wit i, some people in the other party won't be happy but some will be intrigued in both parties, so here's my plan, let's work on this starting with m
with speaker john boehner. >> all right. chuck todd at the white house this morning, thanks. john meacham is a pulitzer prize winning historian and author of the new book "thomas jefferson the art of power." good morning. >> thank you, sir. >> tell me about what's going on in washington right now. everyone is saying the right things. president obama said a couple days ago i'm looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders in both parties to meet our challenges. john boehner said we are ready to be led. is this just honeymoon talk or do the american people have reason to believe things might be different in a second term? >> a lot of it's honeymoon talk. this is the natural result. the president wants to appear magnanimous in victory. the speaker, whose party just lost, wants to be clear that practically he understands that the country voted for an incumbent president as opposed to the nominee of his party, so it behooves him at this point to make the right noises. but it's still friday. sometimes bipartisanship in washington is a little like what mark twain said about tom sawyer
. >> but john meacham, the republicans regained the whatter jo i the, th jority. they regained the mar jority running against the bailout, running against tax increases, running against all the things that the president ran for. this should not enrage anybody. this is divided government. >> yeah. >> this is a genius of james madison. this is the genius of our constitution. this is the genius of our founding fathers. it frustrates republicans when democrats do it and it frustrates democrats when republicans do it. we're going to have to figure out how to work to the. and i do believe the president and john boehner will more likely to do that in the second term than the first. >> yes. and in a divided government you are really talking about two, three, maybe four votes where you're giving the other side the benefit of the doubt. we're not talking about some kind of, you know, brookings institution kingdom of god, warren rugman is going to come and say, all right, we're all going to get along. you know, the rodney king doctrine is not a plikable here. we're talking about a couple of votes. and o
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and associate editor for "the washington post," david ignatius. richard haass, jon meacham, john heilemann still at the table. >> so david, what challenges face not only the president but the country in the coming year? >> well, a lot of them, joe. it's as if president obama, sometime last summer, put a sign on the white house lawn saying, closed for business until after the election. well, now we're well after the election, and the problems that have been waiting are stacked up. and i'd start with iran. there have been quiet conversations going on all fall with the people who purport to be intermediaries, emissaries for the iranian leadership sketching possible deals that could be made to resolve the nuclear issue. president obama and his advisers are going to have to decide over the next, i'd say, month or so how serious those deals are. i think it's possible in addition to a big meeting of the so-called p-5 plus one negotiating group and its major powers including the u.s. plus iran that there may be possibly secret bilateral explorations between u.s. and iranian representative just to see wh
jefferson, art of power by pulitzer prize winning author, jon meacham. welcome, john, my hero for many years. it seems to me a wonderful biographer like for you to bring to the front of the stage again, someone we haven't thought of for a while and should, why should we think about him, given we're in the age of barack obama? >> because jefferson was a tall, cool cerebral politician who didn't -- affected not to like politics but turned out to be pretty good at it. >> like somebody else we know. >> like somebody else we know. and what i wanted to do in this is like what you've done with jack kennedy and richard nixon in the past. i want to recover him as a politician, as someone from 1769 until 1809 was all about trying to find solutions, principled solutions to problems in real-time. he would cut a deal, he would make a bargain as long as it didn't compromise that fundamental principle about the survival and success of republican liberty. and politics and politicians -- politics is always going to be contentious. it doesn't always have to be frustrating. and in his day, it wasn't all that f
halperin, john heilemann and jon meacham. the developing news in the general david petraeus scandal. >> there's another general -- >> an allegation involving the top commander in afghanistan. general john allen is being investigated for alleged inappropriate communications with jill kelley. >> seriously? is it like a club? >> apparently. >> did he send topless pictures also? >> we don't yet. she is the woman who reportedly received the threatening e-mails from paula broadwell, david petraeus' biographer. >> allegedly on that. >> with whom petraeus is said to have had had an affair. general allen took over military command in afghanistan from general petraeus after petraeus was tapped for the cia. now officials are reviewing up to 30,000 pages of communication. >> let's stop right now. >> between allen and miss kelley. >> 30,000? is. >> stipulate it was a very big fund like 18 points. >> almost as big -- >> do we have that number right? i mean, come on. >> so hold on one second. i'm not really good -- >> my eyes are bad. >> i think i've proven this. not good at math. let's talk to a
to "morning joe." >> that's a rough division. >> yeah, something like that. >> john heilemann and richard haass are still with us. and joining the table, pulitzer prize-winning historian, jon meacham. he's the author of a book that is now out. >> yes! >> we have been calling it forthcoming for six months. >> yeah. >> six months? six years. >> in a shameless display of self-promotion. >> not if you do it. >> the book is called "thomas jefferson: the art of power," which we'll talk about a little later in the show. it's really good. >> yeah. i started reading it this weekend. very exciting. >> thank you. >> no, it is exciting. i think people are going to see a side to jefferson they haven't seen. >> he was a politician. first and foremost. >> he was. >> and it's fun being in your review. >> yes. >> my father was amused by that. >> mika got as much ink as i did. >> the review was 12 pages long. >> longer than the book. >> good god. joining us from washington, former republican presidential candidate and former governor of utah, jon huntsman. good to have you back in the conversation this mor
and msnbc political analyst, john heilemann and pulitzer prize-winning historian, jon meacham. good to have you on the show this morning. we will talk politics soon. >> thank you, ma'am. >> actually, the candidates are jumping back into the fray. full campaign mode again. and we have an endorsement by mayor michael bloomberg to talk about. >> is that what that was? >> the word disappointing and endorsement. >> let's just leave it there. >> passive aggressive endorsement. >> it was. it was passive aggressive. we also have, later in the show, the jobs numbers coming up. and i do think that will be interesting metric. >> are we going to -- i wondered if we're going to allow these two wardrobe decisions to go unnoticed. the three-piece. who's it homage to? >> deutsche. >> donny. >> and bob novak. >> straight from the program to the campaign trail. >> this is your campaign gear? >> garb. >> inside pockets. >> he's not wearing sweats, though. >> is it a fleece sweater or a sweater sweater? >> you guys obviously are in the part of the city without power. no problem. >> got dressed in the dark. >>
expected, the ohio event, jon meacham, where romney drew 20 to 30,000. you have the pennsylvania event that john heilemann said was electric, was incredible. and it seems, again, we -- it seems like a jump ball, but sometimes enthusiasm doesn't translate into votes. and i think back to a rally that john kerry had in 2004. i think about 50, 60,000, 70,000 in madison, wisconsin. >> tom was saying a second ago it's a mysterious transaction that happens. the first two pages of teddy white's making of the president 1960s about how mysterious it is. and you go into the voting booth and it's like the economy. you know, these are an infinite number of decisions that can't be captured as hard as we try. >> the country's republican until 6:00 at night then the workers come home and then it shifts. >> if america goes democratic, it goes democratic after work. >> you had that full-throated endorsement by mayor bloomberg, right? that was it? that probably clinched it there. i think so. apparently. >> has a -- >> has a terrific sense of timing and obviously the city suffered and he did what he thoug
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)